Puffin Patrol

  • Trip Duration: 1 hour
  • Adult Tickets: £29.50
  • Child Tickets: £19.50

See colourful puffins swimming and flying around our cliffs

Between mid-March and the end of July these colourful and entertaining little guys come to our islands to breed. The team know just where to look and we'll get you up close. 

We whizz out to Herm and Jethou then take time to marvel at the stunning cliff scenery of chasms, caves and rock arches and see and learn about our wide variety of seabirds.

We go as close as we can to the cliffs where birds nest and feed, without disturbing them, so we see them in their natural state and habitat.

You'll also expect to see oystercatchers, shags, cormorants, gulls, egrets, fulmars, razorbills, guillemots, and many more.

We are careful to adhere to the States of Guernsey Environment Department's Code of Conduct for Watching Marine Wildlife and the RSPB's guidelines.

Puffin Patrol Gallery

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Latest News

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