Ramsar site designated after process involving IRV

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Skipper has been closely involved with the meetings leading to the creation of a Ramsar site covering Herm, Jethou and The Humps (a collection of sandbanks off the north-east corner of Herm) This area has been formally designated as a Ramsar site under The Convention on Wetlands. Minister for the Environment Department, Deputy Yvonne Burford said "Herm has always been a favourite place for residents and visitors alike and I am delighted that the island's treasure trove of wildlife and flora has been recognised at an international level". The management of Herm Island said "We are really pleased that Ramsar designation has been achieved for such a beautiful area and would like to thank everyone who has contributed to making it possible"

Jessi Jennings from the Marine Section of La Societe Guernesiaise said: "What a great opportunity for community involvement! This project has also highlighted the necessity of better understanding the environment around us, and the importance of data collection and contribution. I look forward to seeing how the management of this Ramsar site progresses."

We are pleased to have been consulted and to have been involved in this important environmental intitiative.

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