Legends of the Coast

  • Trip Duration: 1 hour
  • Adult Tickets: £29.95
  • Child Tickets: £19.95

An exhilarating coastal ride with lots of stories

Whizz along the East Coast of Guernsey on our RIB. Whilst in amongst the dramatic cliff scenery we'll tell you about smugglers, pirates, the great bass scandal, what killed the Governor's wife, unsoldierly activities in a loophole tower, the pirate who hanged  . . .  and hanged, where the werewolves lived.

We'll show you the island's smallest fort, where Victor Hugo walked and swam and much more. You'll see both Napoleonic and German fortifications - both important parts of our history.

Above all, just enjoy being out on the sea with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.

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Latest News

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